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All songs by Vincent Miller, written and recorded from 2014-15 in Chicago, IL USA.

Alex Angus played lead guitar and sang back up vox on track 3.


released August 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Found Dead On The Shores Chicago, Illinois

Found Dead is my band for the soft jams. Check out the rock n roll stuff at: www.igottheweakshakes.bandcamp.com

email: elloiseaccidentlake@gmail.com

instagram: @elloise_lake

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Track Name: Mila Spends the Night
Do you want to spend the night? Sleep in my dirty bed, just because you can. We don't have to do a thing, just keep company. The comfort of a friend. I've got beer and smokes and weed, and a pretty nice TV, with some cult classic movies. If we can get along, and you don't mind my dog, then stay like you belong. But you know the sheets aren't clean just like I will never be. Not now or never again.
Track Name: Somehow, Somewhere
You used to think I was the greatest thing you'd ever seen. But something must have changed, because now you're not with me. I always knew that I would never let you down. But you don't feel the same, and now I sleep alone these days. Somehow I must have lost it, somewhere between here and Boston. Then I fell apart and lost you too.
Track Name: Lead Sled
My baby's got a lead sled. It's made of chrome and steel. My baby's got a big lead sled. She got it at an auction for a deal. It's a 2-door hard top American made automobile. My baby's got a lead sled, and if I'm lucky I can get behind the wheel. She says let's drive north, far from the city lights, until we can see the stars in the sky. We'll load up the dog, a backpack full of beers and put the city behind. And we'll drive all night. My baby's got a lead sled. So sleek, and so unreal. My baby's a big lead sled. The hottest thing around on four wheels. It's got them thick white walls. Faded TV yellow lemon peel. My baby's got a lead sled. Her motor turns when I get behind the wheel.